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LA Esquire is ready to help you secure your assets for you and your family's future needs. Make sure your hard work and the things you love are protected today and in the future.


Shekhar and his office have been providing legal services to the LA area for over a decade. From guiding families through estate planning to mediation and civil litigation, we offer a variety of legal services to meet your needs.  Whether you're a family seeking to create a trust or estate plan; someone in need of mediation for a divorce or to settle a dispute; or you're an individual seeking civil litigation to right a wrong done to you--we're here to help.


Estate planning is about what protecting what's most important to you, like your assets and your loved ones.  It's much more than legal proceedings, lawyers and paperwork.  We work with you to tailor an estate plan that caters to what you and your family need so that you have peace of mind when you're no longer there to protect them.


With LAEsquire, you can avoid a long and confrontational legal process.  We'll bring you together to collaborate and work out a settlement that can bring peace to a family. We offer mediation services for several of your legal needs: Divorce, Child Custody, Property Division, Spousal Support.


While we do our best to settle the most sensitive issues via mediation, sometimes litigation is the only option left. We'll fight for your needs and the best result for your family. We know how difficult these situations can be, so we will guide you through litigation with care, keeping you informed along the often confusing court process.
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I'm Shekhar (Shake-her), and I've been practicing law in California for over a decade. As the father of two children, I believe strongly in protecting their future. It's why I want to help others protect their assets for their families, pets, and even charities. From simple wills to complicated estate plans, I make it easy for you, and I give you the peace of mind over the things that matter to you the most.