5 Things to Do Before You Sell Your Home

5 Things to Do Before You Sell Your Home

January 12, 2023
Real Estate

Want to sell your home, but not sure how to get the best price for it? Here are 5 things you should do before you sell your home:

"What? Like it's hard?" Yes, Elle Woods, Harvard may be easy, but selling a home can be confusing and hard to navigate. You just want to put your home up on the market and have that person buy it for the listing price. However, it takes a little bit of elbow grease to get the best price for your home. Here are 5 tips that will help people see the value of your dwelling.

Get those repairs done.

Most people love watching fixer-upper shows, but they don't want to invest in a fixer upper. They want something they can get into right away and start living there.

So what does that mean for you? It means it might be time to find a handyman or contractor. Get those estimates. Take the time to see if the fixing up of broken items is worth the value it would bring to your home. You don't need to add rooms or go all-out, but things like burnt out light bulbs, toilets that don't work, or big holes in the walls will decrease the value of your home more than you know.

Grab a brush and paint those rooms.

You would be amazed at how much value a fresh coat of paint adds to your home. It gives buyers a sense of newness and care for the home.

A fresh coat of paint goes a long way to increase the value of your home. Your retro color scheme or awesome wallpaper design might be your taste, but a person is buying your home to make it their own. A fresh coat of neutral paint gives them a canvas where they can see what they want to do the home so it becomes theirs. It also gives the room a feeling like it is new rather than feeling used by someone else..

Deep clean and tidy all the rooms.

No one wants to feel like they're moving into something dirty. Any dirt or mess will significantly decrease the value of your home.

You know that mail that's been piling up on the table for a week? Time to sort it out and put it away. Get those carpets clean. Polish those floors. Your home should sparkle for potential buyers. That also means not shoving everything into a closet. People will be exploring nooks and crannies in your house. Make sure they see those areas are well-cared for, too.

Also, the inside of your home isn't just what needs a clean and tidy up. Take a look at your yard. Maybe there is some weeding to do? Or bricks to clean. Dust off the patio furniture. Even the outside should sparkle.

You don't even need to do this yourself. You can hire someone to come do it for you. There are plenty of professional cleaners and organizers just waiting to get their hands on your space. Also, consider donating unused items to charitable organizations. Not only is it nice to do, but it's a tax write-off, too.

Declutter and Depersonalize

People need to envision themselves living in your space. If it's all about you, they see it as your home and feel invasive. Let their imagination run.

No one wants to feel like they're living in someone else's house. The value of your home will go up, and it will sell faster, if someone can see themselves living there. That means putting away a lot of those items that made your home personal to you. Family photos should get packed up. Personalized items should get put away. Counters should be decluttered. Cabinets should be unstuffed. Closets should feel open.

Decluttering also goes a long way to making a space look bigger. If your space is cluttered with furniture or knick-knacks, a person will see it as much smaller than it is.

Light it up!

Lighting is an element a lot of people forget. The ideal is adding natural light to a room, but other lighting can be just as important.

How a room is lit goes a long way toward getting an assessment of how a room will be used. Most buyers want natural light to flow in, so getting window coverings or opening curtains wide allows for them to see how much potential light they can get in a room. You could even consider adding windows if a room is low-light.

Beyond letting in natural light, the lamps and bulbs you choose for a room are very important. You want to ensure your rooms are well-lit, but not harsh. A softer light is better for making a room feel warm and welcoming.

So these are just 5 ways you can improve the value of your home for sale and get it sold faster. Most of these items really just take a little effort and time, and they won't cost you much to do. However, they go a long way in selling your home.
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